Hello, I'm Camilo Valdes, a Ph.D Candidate in Computer Science at Florida International University. I’m a researcher and software developer in Miami, Florida.

My current research involves developing high-performance, real-time distributed applications for studying how microbes affect human disease. Previously, I worked on studying how classes of coding and non-coding mRNAs influence human cancers.

Castflyer is where I write about my research, which includes machine learning, cloud computing, bioinformatics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, statistics, data science, visualizations, software development and other assorted nerdery.


Software Projects

Most of the software projects I am involved in are for the support of my research, but I've been known to release an app or two that does something of interest to me — see work page for details.



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See my Google Scholar Profile to view publications, citations and fields of interest.


• Publications List

For an exhaustive list of my publications, you can visit my publications page — it contains all my research papers, book chapters, conference talks, and poster sessions.


Curriculum Vitae

My full curriculum vitae available upon request.



You can use the contact page to get in touch.