Circos — Here be Dragons

I have a love/hate relationship with Circos.  I love the figures and plots that you can create with it, but I hate having to install it.  We have machines that are not upgraded because someone somehow got it working on it, and we are afraid to have to go through the whole process of having to reinstall it.  Its awful.  Its great.

Backup R Package List

It's the fall holidays, so its time to upgrade my main machine to the latest version of OS X.  I should  mention that I'm not doing an upgrade, but a clean install of El Capitan.  Its a pain in the neck to have to do a clean install, but past upgrade experiences with Lion, Mountan Lion, and Mavericks, have pretty much soured me on "upgrades".  No señor.  No upgrades.

R & TextMate

I love R, and I'm a real ggplot2 nut ... but writing complex programs in the R console, or the built-in editor, has never been my thing.  Enter TextMate — its a great editor for writing R scripts in OS X.  By using TextMate as your R editor you get a lot of niceties such as syntax highlighting, multiple carets, jump bars for navigating the workspace, code completion, code folding, and much more.